MSM For Hair Growth – Get Your Grow On!

What is MSM?  Why is MSM, so good for your hair, skin & nails?

Not to be mistaken for MSN, the out dated messager service. MSM is actually Methysulfonylmethane (Jones, “Supplement.”) which is comprised of organic Sulfonyl Sulfur. This Sulfonyl Sulfur and is found in all living things. In fact it is the 3rd largest chemical in our bodies (Shelton, “MSM”).

It has many applications and was originally developed to treat join pain (great if you workout a lot), and arthritis pain. However, researchers discovered that it had another application that could be used, that would set the beauty and health world on fire. It can give you better looking skin, longer hair and stronger nails.

Researchers started to notice that the Keratin in the Sulfur helped regulate our natural body chemistry.  This gives you a healthier glow and radiance (“MSM”), and help you hair grow stronger and faster.

MSM is broken down into a white, odourless, crystal substance that does taste quite bitter, do not try it in smoothies or yogurt. Just add it to some water and drink.  Due to how our food is prepared much of the Sulfur is removed through cooking and preserving. By taking an MSM supplement we help to replace the natural Sulfur that is lost in our modern food (“MSM”).

There are some website that claims MSM supplements have no side effects. This is true as long as the MSM supplements are pure and do not have any additives. It can have a detox effect. According to WebMD, some of these side effects are worsening of allergy symptoms, upset stomach and headache and even include serious effects such as swallowing and itching of the throat if it is not in its pure form. When in doubt it is best if you take the time to talk to your naturopath doctor if you have not tried them before.

Now you know what MSM is and why it is a beauty supplement for hair growth, strong nails and glowing skin!

<3, Nicole

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