What is Arugula? Why You Will Probably Want To Add It to Your Shopping List.

What Is Arugula?

Arugula also known as rocket is one of my favorite greens, not so much for the taste but for the beauty benefits.  It is a very spicy green but when you pair with with apple, olive oil and avocado it cuts down on the heat element of this great green.  It has been rumored that more women than men eat arugula, earning this nutritious green the name “queen of cruciferous vegetables”.

Now lets get to the juicy benefits of arugula:

  • Very alkaline (helps to neutralize waste in your body)
  • A very high source of Vitamin A – beta carotene (key to beautiful skin and hair)
  • High in sulfur (beautifying and skin and liver cleansing)
  • Fights skin damage and prevents acne
  • Contains ditholthiones, an antioxidant
  • Antibiotic and anti-viral effects

When selecting arugula look for it in fresh bunches in your local produce section other than in the prepackaged bags or boxes.  It can be hard to find bunched so I opt for the the organic boxed Arugula when I have to.  It is also an easy and great green to grow on your own.  This is not a great green for green smoothies unless they are savory. Now you know what arugula is I hope you add this to your diet and reap  the beautiful benefits!

Go Arugula.

<3, Nicole

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Nicole has been an advocate of holistic health, healing, herbs and superfoods for over 15 years. She is the president of BeautyBlenz, a company that focuses on organic, natural supplements that focus on women's overall health with a anti-aging properties in every formula.

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